About Code Inspections, Inc.

Mission Statement:

Code Inspections, Inc., established in 1986, is a licensed and authorized third party inspection and plan review agency. The firm is fully qualified to review, inspect and enforce in the categories of Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Accessibility and Property Maintenance.

Code Inspections, Inc. provides prompt courteous service. We are well aware that the success of the Municipality Code Enforcement Department is the key to our success. At Code Inspections, Inc. we make every effort to provide efficient professional service with consistency in our enforcement. Our goal is to present a positive public persona while achieving compliance to the established requirements that safeguard the health, safety and general welfare of the public. No matter the size or population of a Municipality, Code Inspections, Inc. must provide the same professional service with no exception.

We will endeavor at all times to educate contractors and the general public in their understanding of the necessity for the procedures and the various applicable codes prior to the start of construction.

Code Inspections, Inc. firmly believes that without consistency in our enforcement, conduct and procedures this agency would fail in its obligations to itself and the Municipalities it serves. If this agency fails to provide adequate service to even one project we fail the Municipality. With this belief, we will make every effort to strive for consistency in our inspector's conduct, procedures and enforcement. 

Code Inspections, Inc. has found that through consistency, patience and understanding on the Code Officials part, the code enforcement role can be one that works well with the public and assists in clarifying what needs to be done without the confusion of why it needs to be done.

It is our goal to conduct ourselves in such a manner that we achieve compliance without causing unnecessary conflicts or hardships.  Code Inspections, Inc. must enforce the adopted codes but we will never take it upon ourselves to enforce personal, excessive or arbitrary standards.  We must be firm with what is clearly indicated by code but use common sense where gray areas exist and an interpretation must be provided.  Our staff shall be consistent; the decisions made on one project apply to all projects, what is enforced for one person applies impartially to all persons, without favoritism.