UCC Codes 

International Building Code 2018 (code for all buildings and structures not regulated by the International Residential Code:

Chapter 1 is not adopted (most of its requirements are incorporated in Chapter 403 of the UCC regulation)

Chapter 27 (Electrical) requires that all electrical components, equipment and systems in buildings and structures covered by the IBC comply with the requirements of NFPA 70-2017, National Electric Code.

Chapter 11, International Building Code 2021 Accessibility Requirements

International Energy Conservation Code 2018

International Existing Building Code 2018

International Fire Code 2018

Adopted only to the extent referenced in Chapter 35 of the International Building Code 2018.

International Fuel Gas Code 2018

Any LPG requirements are superseded by the requirements of Pennsylvania’s Propane and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act (and regulations). This Act and regulations are limited to LPG Facility which is defined as Distributors, Bulk Plants, and Industrial Users. The department fully expects building code officials to permit, inspect, and regulate as needed all aspects of LPG appliances and related tubing inside structures in the same manner as any other appliance such as natural gas or electric as required by municipality or political subdivision ordinance. To further clarify, any appliance, heater, generator, etc. which would normally require a permit or inspection from a BCO does not become exempt simply because the fuel source is LPG.

International Mechanical Code 2018

International Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities 2018 (provides alternative compliance approach)

International Plumbing Code 2018

International Residential Code 2018 (code for one- and two-family dwellings no more than 3 stories in height)

International Wildland-Urban Interface Code 2018 (supplementary requirements that may be used to mitigate fire- and life-safety hazards in unique wildland areas)

Important Note:

Many of these codes have various code sections amended by the UCC Review and Advisory Council (RAC). This information was published on February 14, 2022, in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and became effective the same date. Access to these changes is provided by the link below. This information will also be posted on our website in the near future.

Pennsylvania Bulletin (pacodeandbulletin.gov)

Further information on the UCC and International Building Codes can be obtained at the websites below.




Habitability Guidelines Relocated Manufactured Homes_2016

Installation Guide Relocated Manufactured Homes 2017

DCA6 2015-Deck Guide




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